Show signal strength (RSSI) in OSD - for SBUS

You probably ended up here because simply clicking on the “RSSI” button in the OSD menu of the Betaflight Configurator was not enough.
We’ll explain how to set it correctly and avoid common mistakes! This article describes the setting of the RSSI value for SBUS and FrSky receivers. For Crossfire/CRSF you will find the correct description here. This work is also not necessary for the F-PORT protocol, because it automatically passes the correct RSSI value to the flight controller.

A spark with Open TX

Take your spark to hand, turn on your quad bike and switch to the model you want to activate the RSSI in the “Telemetry” tab (12/13).
If you haven’t pressed “Discover new Sensors” yet, it’s time for that! Even without, for example, S.Port connection, you will be provided with at least one voltage value called RxBt and our RSSI. Now press “stop discovering” so that the spark does not search endlessly for new feeds.
Tip at this point: Delete unnecessary telemetry valuesto keep latency as low as possible.

Now switch to the tab “Inputs”, select a free channel, click it and select “RSSI” in the editor of the channel at Source (without + or – !). (By holding down the selection button, you can click on “Telemetry” here speeds up the search process.)
After the selection we set Scale to 100dB and assign the name RSIfor input , with which you are already ready in the input tab.

Now let’s switch to the Mixer tab and assign the source RSI on a free channel,which we have just defined. Set Weight to 200 and Offset to -100. This is important because the channel needs a value from -100 to +100, so with this setting we scale the RSSI, which is only 100 units in size, to 200 and move it by 100 points to the negative range. Evola! It is recommended to specify the AUX channel with an “To” at Mixname, where “n” is the AUX channel on which it is located. So the channel in the mixer -4, since the 4 rudders are not counted as AUX.

In the Betaflight menu

We’d be done with the spark, but leave it on and connect your quad to the computer now. In the Betaflight Configurator, you now switch to the Tab Receiver/Receiver and selects under “RSSI channel” the channel, which we have just used the RSSI. It should already be visible at the colorful bars on the left. memory and now change in the “Setup” tab at the top. On the right side, you will now correct RSSI and should be around 90%. After all, the spark is probably right next to the receiver.

If the RSSI value in the notification area almost matches that of the spark, you are finished at this point. If not, read on! 🙂

Incorrect RSSI value

Okay, if an incorrect value is displayed, and it fluctuates from time to time, you can adjust the value to match the spark with a few CLI commands. This one is always the right one.

Now go to the last tab “Command Line” or CLI in the configurator. To save inputs, you need to enter the save command. The quad will then reboot.

set rssi_scale = 100 This command allows you to scale the value that was displayed to you in Setup/Info. Sometimes this value is too small. Use get rssi_scale to find out the current value.

set rssi_offset = 0 Normally, this value should be 0. With it, however, you can correct the RSSI if it is always smaller or greater than the RSSI spark by the same value.

set rssi_invert = on %Use this only if your ad shows you a small value that gets bigger when you get off your quad with the spark!

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